1. Balboa Swing Farm | Drochtersen

1. Balboa Swing Farm

Was wird geboten?

The Hülly Hop Swing Farm team proudly presents our first Balboa Swing Farm. Same location, same concept, but [LEAK] different dance: Balboa.
Be prepared for A cozy, crazy, and warmhearted Balboa Party in the north-german countryside. Thatched roofs, sauna and tasty food combine with drinks and friends to a Weekend of Balboa bliss. In the middle of nowhere, ehm, cow farms. Enjoy a walk in the lovely area or a massage, or just hang out with your bal peeps.
We will have 3 teacher couples, and 4 levels of dancing, and will be 100 people all together. Packages are "all inclusive", so no worries about anything for the whole weekend.
We are so happy that we convinced Julia and John from Melbourne, Australia, to come all the way to Europe and teach at our camp. They are the most warmhearted, nerdy, fun and skilled teachers you can imagine, and they are good friends meanwhile.
From Sweden we will have Anni and Gašper coming over, they have such a unique, deep connection and great knowledge about the dance, its history and all the fine details, that we just love to have Them teaching, chatting, and hanging out with them.
From Moscow beloved Masha and Alex will join us, sharing their passion for Balboa and dancing in general with us, as well as their contagious smiles, party endurance and charm!
International registration starts before local registration, we will announce it as early as we know the date. We aim for a role balanced event. No ELEF.
We will have a fabulous trio of musicians around Stefano Ronchi to play live, as well as well selected DJ's to fire up the night.
(It's the weekend before Balboa Castle Camp, so you can easily combine both dates when traveling from afar. Registered Castle Camp participants get priority in our camp. And we are happy to assist you to find hosts and dance options in Berlin in between both events!)


18:00 Uhr, Freitag, 27. September 2019


ABC Bildungs- & Tagungszentrum e.V.
Bauernreihe 1 Drakenstieg, 21706 Drochtersen Germany

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Hülly Hop Swing Farm, Drochtersen

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