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Language Show Games

Was wird geboten?

Hello the #LanguageLearners
If you always wanted to learn another language and never did because you thought it's annoying or this requires [LEAK] LOT of effort and time :
# Welcome to the Speakyoyo FREE Language Games Event (100 Persons MAX) and Try another Language by using specific language Games:
Yes #WeCAN surprise ourselves about what we can do & learn in another Atmosphere which is organized and where our mistakes are not A drama while playing a Game (This is how we improve) !
- Try Languages Like you try hobbies ! -
==> Why ? You will surprise yourself how fast you can connect with people in the world and create opportunities.
- We are the Next Generation ! -
SPEAKYOYO - Yes We Play -
A group of musicians will also play in different languages.
Everyone is free to bring his own drinks and food culture if you want to share .
°--°--° Ladies and Gentleman Attention please °--°--°
Fill in this form on time and get a Chance to attend your FREE TRIAL Event and surprise yourself :


20:00 Uhr, Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2019


Hamburg Stadtpark
Winterhude, 22303 Hamburg Germany

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