52nd weekend Seminar with Yaron Elfasi | Munich

52nd weekend Seminar with Yaron Elfasi

Was wird geboten?

Please get ready for the ITH's 52nd fabulous Weekend seminar for Israeli Folk Dances.
Join dozens of dancers from abroad and let us enjoy to have just another rising dance leader and choreographer of Israeli folk dancing who follows the foot steps of his father, Moti Alfasi.
This will be Yaron Elfasi's first appearance here in Germany.
The instruction language will be in English.
For further details please see at www.israeltanz.de/pagee10.html (you have to scroll [LEAK] bit down).
For the German version please open:
deutsch: www.israeltanz.de/pagea10.html
For A complete list of our previous weekend seminars please see at:
For a complete list of all dances taught at previous weekend seminars please see at:
Dear fellow dancers, please believe us: When we started all this back in 1994 we never even closely speculated that we shall ever reach the number “25”. Now we are already way beyond that number. We actually doubled it by now. Can we add anything to that?
If you desire so, for most we can provide overnight stays in a fellow dancer’s home.
On The Other hand, we also have a list of hostels or smaller hotels nearby.
Want-to-be participant groups from Eastern European countries will receive some reductions upon request.


12:10 Uhr, Samstag, 04. Mai 2019


Munich, Germany
Veterinärstraße 6 Maxvorstadt, 80539 Munich Germany

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Matti Goldschmidt, Munich

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