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Live - The Bland (Schweden) Americana

Was wird geboten?

As Swedish media speak of The Bland as one of the music world's best kept secrets and how they've created a new dimension in the Swedish music climate - The Bland are now taking their first steps abroad.

During spring '17 The Bland toured both Scandinavia and Germany, which generated wild reactions from both concert visitors and journalists. Among others Germany’s biggest country magazine ”” praised The Bland - and they're now booked for another, even bigger tour in Europe this fall.
Weird combinations have started to define the Swedish americana band. It’s members who've just finished studying medical school and teacher educations just landed a major record deal with BMG and moved out in the countryside to put everything beside music on the shelf. The band has used some of their single releases to collect money to finance children's education and also stand up for solidarity in Sweden which has generated both praise and death threats to the members of the band.

When not on the road touring you can find The Bland in a barn south of Örebro. However Swedish television has said "The Bland feels more like southern USA than a town in Närke, Sweden". They're now finishing up their upcoming full length album and a series of singles.
Eintritt frei - um Spenden für die Künstler wird gebeten.


20:00 Uhr, Donnerstag, 25. April 2019


Altes Spital
SpitalGasse 5 94234 Viechtach Germany

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